Julianna’s birth chart readings are a MUST. Amazing insight into your inherent energies. 👌🏼🤗🔥
— Maddie W.
Julianna was nothing short of a miracle worker on me. Still to this day she has no clue how she has changed my life so I know this review is going to mean a lot to her, as she has always stayed so humble and kind. I started practicing Reiki on myself and reading the book she guided us This journey has been so so life changing for me and my family and breaking generational chains of bondage. Julianna has changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend anyone to her for treatment. I would like to add that I drive 6.5 hours to do this with her but if I lived closer to her I know we would be the best of friends in life! Good luck Miss Juliana in everything that you do, have the faith in yourself because you are a true light worker! Love and light always!!!!
— Christy W.
Amazing!!! One of the best Reiki sessions I’ve ever had. I felt so uplifted, cleansed and relieved of all of the stress I was going through at that moment. You must give Juliana a call today!!! And probably one of the sweetest most positive people I’ve met in Savannah!
— Dallas J.
Julianna is a very talented healer! And a wonderful person. My reiki session with her was awesome! So moving... it was amazing to uncover those emotions that had been buried for a very long time. I left the session feeling lighter and feeling so much better in general! I recommend her 100%
— Maggie G.
Recently my sister and I had the great pleasure of receiving several Luna Healing Arts services while my family was visiting me in the Savannah area. My experience with the 60 minute Reiki session as well as with the Full Moon Yoga and Release ceremony on the beach, were simply fantastic! Both were led by Juliana Delgado. Although each service was unique, common to both and all my interactions with Luna Healing Arts is an overall level of excellence and professionalism, a pronounced commitment to client needs and a distinctly high quality, meaningful and positive approach to all of the work/services. Luna Healing Arts is emerging, fresh, and innovative with a very clear dedication to superior quality.

Without a doubt, I would recommend checking them out!! I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki sessions as well as the community based service offerings such as Full Moon Yoga and Release. I plan to continue each. Based on my positive experience with Julian Delgado, as well as on the unparalleled professionalism of her colleagues, I very much look forward to further exploring some of the additional Luna Healing Arts offerings.

-Jennifer M.