Full Moon in Pisces • 2019

Pisces. Intuition. Emotion. Soul. Surrender. Death of the ego. Wisdom. Compassion. Enlightenment. Psychic revelations.

The Harvest Moon is here and It’s legendary for a reason. This a beautiful time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year and revel in the rewards.

The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces blends a potent mix of water and earth energy, which makes for incredible creation and vitality. When the soul and the body are both healthy, it’s amazing what we can create.

I say this every full moon, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s the ideal time to let go, release, surrender. What would you give up if you knew it would be replaced with something unfathomably superior?

We stay stuck in so many ways, some small and seemingly insignificant, out of fear of the void. As a fixed sign, (Scorpio), it is very hard for me to let go. I will usually hold on ‘til the Universe forces my clutch free. But sometimes I do, and when I can do so on my own accord, there’s way less drama.

Integrate soul + body with yin yoga, reiki assists, and and let’s release all that ish TOGETHER with a ritual while we watch the full moon rise out of the ocean.

Saturday, 9/14 at 7:30pm. North Beach, Tybee Island, Gulick St Crossover. $20

Get your tickets here

happy harvest moon, babes! 🌕


New Moon in Gemini

The moon, sun, and mercury all sit together in Gemini. Gemini is often referred to as “the bridge between heaven and earth. Known for wit and the gift of gab, Gemini energy loves to collect as much information as it can about life. You’ll often hear of people with Gemini in their natal charts reading 5 or more books at the same time!

When we channel Gemini’s intelligent and curious energy in its highest form, we become master communicators who seek the truth and and speak it.

Venus and Uranus are still in Taurus, helping us balance out all this mental energy. If you feel like your mind is running a million miles a minute, get out of your head and into your body. Being outside and connecting to the physical will help us stay grounded.

Saturn and Pluto are still sitting together in Capricorn, meaning we will continue to see major shifts in the patriarchal structure of our government and society. Pluto will remain there for a few more years, so this transformation won’t happen overnight, but it’s happening now and will continue for some time.

Venus is making a trine to Pluto, so the Divine Feminine is working with the planet of transformations to redefine Herself.

If you are interested in learning how your personal natal chart might be affected by these transits, I am now offering natal chart readings. Learn more about your strengths, weaknesses and how to best embody the energies in your chart at their highest.

Full Moon in Scorpio 5.18.19

Scorpio full moons shine a light on what needs to be transformed. Scorpio energy is unafraid to look at what is no longer sustainable. With the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus all in Taurus, this full moon is asking us to look honestly at the way we interact with the physical world and our material resources.

Taurus has a deep need to feel secure and comfortable. What is it that is keeping you from enjoying life’s luxuries? How can you create more abundance?

Scorpio and Taurus are both signs of extremes - so ask yourself - am I being too lackadaisical or too frugal with my resources? Is my spending selfish or generous? Am I looking honestly at my financial situation and taking practical actions to improve it?


With Uranus conjunct Venus, we will notice a radical shift surrounding the divine feminine. We see this taking place in our society as She steps into her power to fight for and protect her womb.

There is transformation taking place on multiple levels with this moon. As women, we must ensure we seek to restore balance to our society. If we become bitter and angry, we will tip the scales too far in the other direction. Let’s not lose our powerful female energy by fighting with our masculine energy against the wounded masculine. Let’s not become what it is we wish to shift.

(Pause for story time)

I had an abortion many moons ago. I’m grateful I had the freedom to make that choice and I don’t regret it. At the time, I was irresponsible, in active alcoholism, and the father was too. That child would have been born into major trauma. 

It’s never an easy choice. I remember struggling to make it that decision. Lots of long talks with my close friends, not knowing what to do. Feeling sick. Depressed. It’s so hard on the female body. Pregnancy. Miscarriage. Abortion. All of it.

But I believe it would have been harder on the child if I’d given birth to him or her while I was still so unwell and the environment I was in so toxic.

I like to believe that soul incarnated elsewhere, in a happy and healthy home.

It’s easy to have an opinion, but if you’ve never had the experience… hell, if you don’t even have the organs to have the experience, your opinion doesn’t hold much weight.

———(Back to the Astro)———

There’s a lot to reflect on this full moon. So many things rising to the surface. As women, our collective pain from millennia of oppression needs to be acknowledged and healed.

Be open to change and transform the way you interact with the physical world. Your body. Your home. Your neighborhood. Your resources. Treat them all like the sacred gifts they are.

With mercury conjunct the sun, we have extra power with our words. The things we communicate will heal or destroy. Speak abundance. Speak love. Speak forgiveness. But in doing so, speak the truth.

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Full Moon in Libra: part 2

This is the second Libra full moon we’ve had in a row - placing extra emphasis on the weaknesses within us that keep us from harmonious relationships.

Relationships with our loved ones, with our career, and with ourselves. Everything you participate with in this life is a relationship.

Libra wants there to always be peace, love and justice for all sides concerned. Aries (the sun remains in Aries until tomorrow) doesn’t much care how others think or feel. Authenticity and manifestation are more important to Aries than pleasing others for the sake of harmony.

Both energies are important to work with; it’s important to find the middle ground.

How can we boldly take hold of our destiny without alienating those we are in relationship with?

Do our relationships support our mission?

This is a wonderful time to get quiet and contemplate all the different people, places, chemicals and situations you find yourself in relationship with. Do they serve your highest good? Do they serve you at all?

If not, what is the underlying fear that keeps you entangled in them? Look at the fear, ask the Universe for faith, and trust that you’ll receive the strength and support needed to let go.

Once you begin to disentangle yourself from those things which deplete your life force, even if it’s just one unhealthy thought pattern, you’ll be gifted with new, invigorating experiences.

Good fortune and growth await you on the other side of fear.

happy healing 💕

p.s. full moon beach ritual is cancelled due to weather. Stay tuned for next month

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The Power of a Gratitude Practice

For a long time, gratitude was just a spiritual buzzword to me. I knew, logically, that it was a good thing to be grateful. I knew, logically, of its power and importance. But if I’m honest, there was a part of me that thought it was kind of cheesy. I thought it was elementary spirituality; far too simple to be worthwhile.

My judgement kept me from actually practicing gratitude. Nevertheless, I succumbed eventually, when the pain was great enough.

A little over a year ago my mental health was at an all-time low and I was desperate to escape my bouts of severe depression.

My fiancé had started a consistent gratitude practice. Every single morning he would make a list of 10 things he was grateful for. His action inspired me to follow suit. Over time, this morning list became such a habit that I would feel off if I didn’t write it.

We made a private Facebook group so that others could share their lists as well. The group now has almost 300 people in it. It’s so helpful to see other people’s gratitude because it makes you think of things you never would of thought up on your own.

This simple (so simple, I thought I was above it) act of writing a list each morning has literally changed my brain. What were once frequent bouts of depression are now a rarity.

I was a skeptic, but experience made me a believer. Gratitude is not just a platitude… it’s a life saver.

Full Moon in Libra

The sun just entered Aries, there’s a full moon in Libra, Mercury is still retrograde, and it’s the Spring Equinox! There’s plenty of comsic energy to work with over the next few days, so let’s dig a little deeper.

The first theme that comes to mind with the changing of the seasons is “Spring Cleaning”. Not just donating old clothes to Goodwill or Marie Kondo-ing the hell out of your house, although that could very well be a part of it.

It’s about delving deeper than just physical clutter. It’s an ideal time to ask yourself questions, such as, “What do I need to clean up within myself in order to move forward? Are there parts of myself (mind, body, or soul) that I’ve been neglecting? In what areas of my life can I bring more love?”.

Mercury retrograde is not to be feared. Full moons are not to be feared. They are simply a call to honestly look within and see what needs to be cleaned up.

When we work with their energy instead of resisting it, we are gifted their cosmic power which propels us forward.

Use this time to purify your mind, body and soul. Once you do, you may just find your purpose and passion becomes a lot more clear.

Now, about the sun and moon’s opposing energies. When it comes to Libra, think harmony, beauty, and balance. With Aries, think passion, individualism, and manifestation. I like to think of these two polar energies in terms of relating to others.

Libra socially unbalanced is a complete people pleaser because it wants peace at all costs. Aries unbalanced isn’t afraid to go to war for what it wants, doesn’t give a damn what others think, sometimes to the point of extreme selfishness.

Obviously, either extreme is unhealthy for our relationships. This opposition asks us to set boundaries with intention. We can hold compassion in our hearts for someone and still set a boundary with them. We can be of service to others without sacrificing ourselves. We can love and forgive someone while choosing not to associate with them in order to better care for ourselves.

In sum, take extra good care of yourself, don’t take any shit, and give more grace than you feel like.

love, J