Julianna Delgado - Founder and Owner

Julianna Delgado is a certified alchemical astrologer, reiki master, and a 220 hour certified yoga teacher. She believes healing takes place on all levels and we need every tool we can reach for to become whole.

She founded Luna Healing Arts in 2017 after she began a deep healing from her mental illness. The term “luna” combines the love for her heritage with her adoration for the moon. She holds full moon and new moon ritual events and believes the moon has a definite effect on our emotions.

A true Scorpio, the best things in her life were born from overcoming some kind of hardship. Now she longs to share the tools that have helped her. Her purpose is to help others embody their fullest potential and become whole.


Liana Bond - Massage Therapist

Liana Bond has been a massage therapist since 1997. For the last 22 years she has worked on the Las Vegas strip at 5 star hotel spa resorts. She has worked with the newest and latest spa products and treatments and has had years of continued education courses to learn more about the human muscular systems.

She is a recent transplant to Savannah and is excited to share her experience with the community. She believes strongly in the regular maintenance of cleansing the muscles through regular and consistent massages to be able to ensure the removal of cortisol, which she feels is one of the major causes of dis-ease.

She believes firmly in you enjoying your massage experience and will tailor it to make your massage a perfect fit for you. She has been trained in many specialized massages including Swedish, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Stone, mother to be and many more.


Morgan Pikaard - Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

Morgan Pikaard has been a reiki practitioner since 2011 and a hypnotherapist since 2017, studying under Dr. Jaime Feldman at the Hypnotherapy Institute of New Jersey. She decided to become a personal coach and hypnotherapist after overcoming her own traumas over the years, such as domestic violence and sexual assault.

Seeing the benefits of these two modalities combined with self-care such as reiki or massage was truly awe inspiring to her. Being a recovering alcoholic of over 13 years, she is dedicated to working in the recovery community and advocating against all stigmas. She has been working with others to overcome their own traumas for many years.

She is the founder of Good Morning Badass and recently relocated to Savannah with her six rescue animals. She adores the healing energy of this city.